Episode 11: The Longshot

We’s back y’all! 

During our summer break we launched a shiny new merch store, created a fancy Patreon account, and picked top listener reviews from our challenge last season! We took a lil hiatus to recharge and plan for a very scandalous new season of Beyond Reproach! 

This episode we sip on a Vieux Carre, a very delightful Creole spin on a Manhattan. Tux explains the origins of this New Orleans’s classic and Stephanie describes how this famous drink ties to her scandal involving an infamous politician. This cocktail is spirited and decadent like us. Cheers!

Also covered: Alchemy, Roger Stone, the Mack, TCM, complicated loves, being #gooped, Dollywood, Lizzo tweets, and only children.

Stephanie explores the tyrannical reign of Louisiana’s Kingfish, Huey P. Long, the masterful populist who once boasted that he bought legislators “like sacks of potatoes, shuffled them like a deck of cards.” Long, to this day, remains one of the most flamboyant and controversial American politicians. Buckle up this story, told in two parts, is a doozy!
POLITICAL NOTES: Louisiana's Kaiser
The Strange Career of Assassinated Louisiana Politician Huey Long
10  Fascinating Facts About Huey Long
The Big Sleazy
Wiki - Huey Long
Huey Long: The man, His Mission, and Legacy
Every Man a King
Understand Socialism, Communism, Fascism, & Nazism in 15 Minutes (Part I)
The New Deal & Huey Long
Wiki - 1924 Louisiana gubernatorial election
FBI File on Huey Long,
Kingfish Down
Huey P. Long and the Working Class Movement
Gov. Huey Long impeached in Louisiana, April 6, 1929
Huey Long
Who Shot Huey Long?

Tux examines the personal life and the dysfunctional marriage of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR was simultaneously a great president and a seriously shitty excuse for a husband. He was the garbage juice of presidential husbands.
FDR and his Women
Franklin Roosevelt marries Eleanor Roosevelt
FDR's Secret Love
FDR's Loyal Mistress
FDR's love nest in the park: How president took FIVE 'mistresses' to country getaway
The Truth Behind FDR’s Secret Love Affair and Why It Went on Much Longer Than People Think
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s painfully eloquent final words
Wiki - Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd
Marguerite “Missy” LeHand: FDR’s Right Hand Woman
Wiki - Marguerite LeHand
FDR and his Women
The Newly Discovered FDR-Lucy Mercer Correspondence
Wiki - Sara Roosevelt

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