Episode 12: The Secret Love Story of Eleanor & Hick

We’re back y’all with a bit of a throwback! We take another look at two different scandals involving the Roosevelts and Huey Long, our new historical crushes.

This episode we sip on a Dirty Martini, the controversial spin on the quintessential American cocktail. This drink is as loved as it is loathed and had us both inexplicably feeling ourselves back in college. #memories

Also covered: Stephanie’s recent succulence, Thelma & Louise, the cackalackies, Heathers, Tim Whatshisnuts 2020 and more.

Tux’s scandal again centers around the Roosevelts. In the last episode we explored Franklin’s extramarital affairs by highlighting some of the other women in his life. This scandal flips the script and delves into the other women in Eleanor’s life. 
Celebrated in Life, Anonymous in Death
Eleanor and Hick (book)
Youtube: Eleanor Roosevelt Funeral (1962)
The queer history of Eleanor Roosevelt you won’t see in the Ken Burns documentary
EXCLUSIVE: How prim and proper First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt fell in love with a 200-pound WOMAN reporter who drank like a fish, played a mean game of poker, smoked cigars and swore a blue streak
Bringing Eleanor Roosevelt’s lover Lorena Hickok out of the shadows
Wiki- Eleanor Roosevelt
Wiki- Lorena Hickok
It’s time to meet the Eleanor Roosevelt you never knew
Eleanor Roosevelt’s ‘mistress’ died heartbroken and alone
24 Very Gay Excerpts from Eleanor Roosevelt’s Love Letters with Lorena Hickok
Eleanor Roosevelt, The First Lady of Gay Rights
Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site: Val-Kill Cottage
Eleanor Roosevelt’s Close Relationship With the Journalist Lorena Hickok
Shaking up Martinis and Old Fashioneds with FDR
The Dirty Martini: It's All About the Olive Juice
The Dirty Martini Cleans Up Its Act

Stephanie’s scandal is a continuation of the rise of Huey Long from our last episode. This final chapter starts with his brief but legendary stint as populist Senator (who lowkey never stopped being governor of Louisiana) and ends with his tragic but unsurprisingly violent end. In truth, there was only one way this could end.
Huey Long: The man, His
Mission, and Legacy

Documents Relating to Huey Long, 1932-1935
Wiki - Share Our Wealth
Every Man a King Summary
The Strange Career of Assassinated Louisiana Politician
Huey Long

10  Fascinating Facts
About Huey Long

The Big Sleazy
Wiki - Huey Long
Youtube: Every Man a King (song)
Every Man a King
The New Deal & Huey Long
FBI File on Huey Long,
Kingfish Down
Huey P. Long and the
Working Class Movement

Huey Long
Strippers, Insane Asylums, Assassination, and Termites: Inside the Insane History of the World’s Greatest White House Replica
Who Shot Huey Long?

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