Episode 5: Operation Do-Si-Do

In this episode we start in the 1980s, a decade rich in the excesses of sugar and money, to discuss the parallel alcoholic trends of the day (spoiler alert: they involve sugar and money).

Instead of doing a bunch of artisanal cocaine to celebrate the era of Stephanie’s scandal we opt for a shockingly frou-frou yet surprisingly delicious episode cocktail. It was as tacky as it was delicious! Cheers!

Also covered: 5 dollar words, Stephanie’s Italian language bootcamp, Tux’s cross country road trip with his best friend, home-schooling, our mutual love of Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast, and Thomas Edison loving current so much he should marry it.

Stephanie’s scandal explores the surprisingly racist and anti-semitic roots of square dancing.
This Square Dancing Conspiracy Goes Deeper Than You Think
The State Folk Dance Conspiracy: Fabricating a National Folk Dance
America’s Wholesome Square Dancing Tradition is a Tool of White Supremacy Ford's Anti-Semitism
How Did Country Music Become so White? Blame Henry Ford's War on Jazz
Henry Ford
Henry Ford Plotted To Destroy Black, Jewish Jazz With Country Music
The Great Square Dance Conspiracy
Moral Licensing: How Being Good Can Make You Bad
Journal Article : Square Dance Calling: The African-American Connection
Senator Robert Byrd and the Ku Klux Klan
Wiki - Robert Byrd
National Folk Dance

Tux’s scandal sheds light on an infamous prison burial ground.
Wiki - Assassination of William McKinley
Burial of Leon Czolgosz, Quicklime and Sulphuric Acid
State Says Bones Found in Auburn Backyard in July Were Inmate Remains
Assassin of Former United States President Likely Buried in Auburn Inmate Burial Ground
Auburn prison mystery: Where is the body of McKinley's assassin?
McKINLEY, William--ASSASSINATION.] CZOLGOSZ, Leon F. (1873-1901), Assassin
Bones Unearthed in Finger Lakes Backyard Are Those of Long-Dead Inmates
McKinley’s assassin is executed, Oct. 29, 1901
Bones found in Auburn backyard

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