Episode 4: The Most Damnable Outrage

This episode we talk about Stephanie’s serial dating habits and the reason she wants to go on a dating detox. We also get into dating apps, dating in New York, and vacation dating.

We also discuss our super boozy episode cocktail that we dubbed the whiskey snow cone, which Teddy Roosevelt loved to throw back while also claiming he never drank.

Also covered: Catcalling and toxic masculinity, the WPA’s unpublished “America Eats” manuscript, the White House china, admitting and correcting our frequent mistakes, exotic White House pets, “dog parents” vs “fur babies”, Pete (or Peatrice) the squirrel, & “Hamilton” as therapy.

Tux’s scandal is about that one time that Teddy Roosevelt ate in the same room as Booker T. Washington and all hell broke loose.
The First African American Invited to Dinner at the White House
Wiki - Booker T. Washington dinner at the White House
Booker T. Washington's White House Dinner
Booker T. Washington & Theodore Roosevelt's Explosive Dinner
Booker T. Washington Dines with Theodore Roosevelt, Americans Outraged
Theodore Roosevelt’s Controversial Dinner With Booker T. Washington
Teddy Roosevelt's 'Shocking' Dinner With Washington
The Underside of the Welcome Mat
Teddy Roosevelt Invited Booker T. Washington to The White House And America Lost Its F*cking Mind
“I shall have him to dine as often as I please” – The time when Roosevelt invited African-American educator Booker T. Washington to a dinner at the White House
Booker T. Washington's Dinner with President Theodore Roosevelt

Stephanie’s scandal is a deep dive into to the brief and wondrous life of Laddie Boy Harding.
Donald Trump could be first US President in nearly 130 years not to have a pet dog in the White House
White House Pets (1889-1953)
Laddie Boy
Laddie Boy – Warren Harding’s Faithful Airedale Terrier
Laddie Boy, Warren Harding’s Dog
Thief takes dog collar from Harding ome
Warren Harding’s Pete

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