In direct response to your insatiable hunger for us, we are back with a very topical minisode about something near and dear to our hearts: VOTING!

In this episode you’ll learn the reasons we think voting is important, and we’ll discuss some of the various voting systems in the US and abroad. We’ve decided to forgo our beloved scandals in our minisodes, because the main reason we’re doing these is to get your feedback and input!

We are “curious” (read: “nosey”) people and we’d love to hear from you on the subjects we hold dear. We want to know know your thoughts on and involvement in the voting process. ::insert iconic Uncle Sam finger-wagging propaganda::

If you have thoughts on the voting process or interesting stories about voting experiences you’ve had, please listen to the episode and drop us a line by Saturday November 10th. We’ll read the best responses for all our listeners on the minisode next month!

You can send us a voice memo or email us at, or feel free to slip into our DMs if you're feeling cheeky. Just be sure to get those responses back to us no later than 11/10.
We can’t wait to hear from you!!!

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