The Wrap Up: Minisode 7

We be drinkin’ and we be chattin’! 

We don’t have listener mail or a new topic for the next minisode, we are instead talking about ourselves, reflecting on the evolution of the podcast over this first season, and announcing our summer break listener feedback contest. Special thanks to Tim Cluff our sound engineer, editor, sounding board, podfather etc. Without his tireless efforts and constant feedback the podcast wouldn’t exist. Team Beyond Reproach will return in August with season 2 but in the meantime we have a call to arms for our amazing listeners (one that includes a giveaway)!

We need your help to ascend the historical podcast rankings and take our rightful place on the throne. Everyone who listens to podcasts has the same goals: be inspired, be entertained, or be educated. I like to think that we do all three but that might be the rosé talking… Rankings on both iTunes and Stitcher are determined by four factors: subscribers, downloads, ratings and reviews. The more of each we have, the higher the podcast ranks. The higher it ranks, the more people we get to reach! Long thoughtful reviews are great but a 5 star review with several eggplant emojis would really make our day as well. 

The winning reviewer(s) will get some fancypants Beyond Reproach swag in our season 2 listener feedback giveaway! There is one more full episode to come but for the latest news please check our website. Don’t be scurr’d, we will be back August 5th!!

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