Stress Management and Self Care Listener Mail: Minisode 6

We be drinkin’ and we be chattin’ about our listener mail! We are back with another minisode with YOUR thoughts and stories on a very important subject: STAYING SANE IN AN INSANE WORLD! 

On our previous minisode we shared personal strategies for combating stress and talked about our favorite self-care rituals that keep us feeling good when the world around us feels bleek. This episode we flip this question to y’all!

We read an email from our favorite Ohio listener who shares some of her tried and true moves for tackling her social anxiety. Tux’s high school bestie weighs in with her experiences standing up for marginalized communities after returning home to a small town after nearly a decade spent living in a progressive Northeastern bubble. Two mental health pros Canh Tran, MSW and Kimberly Beury, LMHC LPC, offer some professional guidance on how best to alleviate stress at both micro and macro levels.

Y’all came through with such thoughtful feedback this episode! Like Tim, y’all are the real MVPs! Do hug yourselves for us in a lingering but non-creepy way, thanks loves! 

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