Please Don't Feed the Trolls: Minisode 4

We be drankin’ and we be chattin’ about our listener mail! We are back with another minisode with YOUR thoughts and stories on a light albeit frustrating subject: INTERNET TROLLS!

As a podcast our strategy of ignoring and blocking is highly effective but painfully boring. We solicited stories from listeners about how they deal with internet trolls. With their help we get a bunch of novel options for managing those anonymous under-bridge dwellers.

We hear a voicemail from culinary historian Sarah Lohman who explains her tiers of trolldom and how she responds to each. Cara Nicoletti, brooklyn-based triple threat (butcher, baker, and author), shares the ways she cares for herself amidst frequent sexist attacks online. The Wine, Women and Words podcast and Karina Sahlin from We're Just Here To Help podcast both weigh in with their most creative methods of countering trolls. Annie, our favorite listener, wrote in with a deliciously fun spin on responding to the worst people on the internet-- Troll Cakes, the bakery/detective agency here that will send a cake to your troll with their comments written on it.

Y’all came through with such amazing feedback this episode! Like Tim, y’all are the real MVPs! Hug yourselves for us in a lingering but non-creepy way. Thanks!

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