Episode 13: Haunted by History

Beyond Reproach gets a little spooky! We bring you two historically dark scandals for your listening pleasure. Start your Halloween season off right!. 

This episode we drink a pre-colonial crambamble also known as a Hot Ale Flip which tastes like a boozy pumpkin spice latte. Cheers y’all, to autumn!

Also discussed: Ye olde basics, milk skin, Gucci straight-dresses, spiders, mental illness, Michael Bloomberg’s shameful “spanish,” chernobyl, Ernest and Madea movies.

Stephanie’s scandal revolves around the unfortunately short life and relatively long afterlife of Sarah Shelton Henry, Patrick Henry’s wife. The basement where she was chained is site of paranormal activity. Join us for our first (though possibly last) historical political scandal ghost story! 
Occult World : Scotchtown
Wiki - Sarah Shelton Henry
Wiki - Patrick_Henry
Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown-My Night’s Stay
Patrick and Sarah Henry: Mental illness in 18th century America
The Ghost of Sarah Henry
Wife of Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry's VA. Manor Has Checkered Past
Patrick Henry's Secret In The Cellar
Patrick Henry: America's Radical Dissenter
Google Search Results - Patrick Henry Jolly
Patrick Henry's Scotchtown

Tux’s scandal is a deep dive into terrifyingly reckless US military actions in the South Pacific. He explores how their overwhelming hubris and carelessness regarding nuclear testing claimed innocent lives, destroyed a culture and ultimately inspired the film monster Godzilla. Yikes!
Bikini Atoll nuclear test: 60 years later and islands still unliveable
Lucky Dragon's lethal catch
Wiki - Nuclear Testing at Bikini Atoll
Paradise with and Asterisk
Paradise lost - 'for the good of mankind' 
Wiki - Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Wiki - Tsar Bomba
Wiki - Castle Bravo
Castle Bravo at 60
Wiki - Daigo Fukuryū Maru
Wiki - Godzilla
Gojira vs. Godzilla: Two nuclear narratives in one monster

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