Our Favorite Season 1 Moments & Review Contest Winners: Minisode 8

We be drinkin’ and we be swearin!

We don’t have listener mail this episode but we are announcing the topic for next month’s minisode and revealing the three winners of our listener review contest.

Shoutout to winners SmileThenScream7, SemperFi1766, and AliciaHMc! 5 stars and infinity eggplants to them for sending in our top three reviews! Thanks to everyone who took the time to review us! It really helps the pod and to a lesser degree our self-esteems.

This episode we discuss our all-time favorite moments from Season 1, a hard feat because we truly have ourselves a time! We chat about our favorite episodes, scandals, side banter, and cocktails. For next month’s minisode we are asking you to do the same!

We want to hear from YOU! We want to learn about your favs! We want to know what your favorite episodes, scandals, old timey drinks, anecdotes etc are and why? We want to know what you are enjoying and what you want to hear more of? Please write in with your fav stories and/or people that we have already discussed. We’d also like to hear your ideas for future scandals or ye olde adult beverages. Any feedback you have, we’d love to hear it!

You can send us a voice memo or email us at BeyondReproachPod@gmail.com, or feel free to slip into our DMs if you're feeling cheeky. Don’t be strangers and say hi!
Just be sure to get those responses back to us no later than Saturday 8/24.
We can’t wait to hear from you!!!

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