Episode 10: American Legends

To commemorate the final episode of Season 1 we imbibe on a refreshing Jack Rose cocktail made with Applejack, America’s first spirit. We learn about the history of its distillation and how it links to Tux’s scandal. We depart slightly from our politically scandalous program to explore two folk heroes of American foundational mythology Johnny Appleseed and Davy Crockett, revealing how their real stories are more scandalous than the fairytale portrayals we learned about in grade school.

Also covered: Stephanie’s lies, our summer break, brain damage lite, apple botany, the state of Franklin, sick burns and dolphins.

Tux explores how Johnny Appleseed wasn’t the quirky selfless loner travelling around sprinkling appleseeds so that future settlers would have a wholesome food source when they arrived at the frontier. In reality he was much more of a shrewd real estate developer and a hippie mystic than a promoter of apple consumption.
The Truth About Johnny Appleseed
What’s the Story with Johnny Appleseed?
The Real Johnny Appleseed Brought Apples—and Booze—to the American Frontier
The Story of Johnny Appleseed: Legend vs. Fact
The Drink of Patriots: As American as Apple Cider
Johnny Appleseed: The Man, the Myth, the American Story
Johnny Appleseed Tale Grew Tall in Leominster
Johnny Appleseed: Land Speculator, Alcohol Dealer, Capitalist
Applejack: For When Hard Cider Just Isn’t Strong Enough
Johnny Appleseed and the American Orchard: A Cultural History
Johnny Appleseed: The Simple Man that Became Legendary
9 Facts That Tell the True Story of Johnny Appleseed

Stephanie dives into the life and times of Davy Crockett. Every election cycle Americans threaten to move if the wrong person is elected, this threat is not a contemporary one. Davy Crockett, the legendary frontiersman is by far the most infamous to make this pledge. He swore that if Martin Van Buren was elected president, he would never set foot in this country again.
Wiki- Davy Crockett
Things We Get Wrong About David Crockett
From The Woods To Politics — Who Was The Real Davy Crockett?
Wiki- State of Franklin
Creek War
Davy Crockett Had it Right: Andrew Jackson was a Tyrant
David Crockett (1786-1836)
King of the Wild Frontier -- Youtube clip

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