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We’re in the process of recording and editing a few episodes to make sure that we're 100% happy with the final results before we release them. Just to satisfy your curiosity though, we’ve gone ahead and recorded a little mini baby episode to introduce ourselves. Please check it out below!

Welcome to the Beyond Reproach Podcast!

Beyond Reproach is a comedic history podcast about scandals and scandalousness in politics and government. We'll be coming soon to a podcast carrier near you, but for now, we thought it'd be fun to give you a little glimpse at our hosts.

In this first mini-episode the hosts give you a little teaser into their lives. Just to wet your whistle, you know? You'll learn who Stephanie and Tux are, and why you should you care! You'll find out where they come from, what they're doing with their lives, and what got them interested in history, politics, and scandals to begin with.

Actual episodes will follow so so soon, so please follow us on social media for updates, info, excitement, and release dates!

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